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Similan LiveaboardsSimilan  Liveaboards

Often referred to as one of the top 10 dive sites in the world – the Similan Islands, and surrounding dive sites cater to divers of all levels. With more than 50 named dive site (and dozens more besides), the best way to see more of the region and really get in some serious diving is on a Liveaboard. While there are many to choose from, we have selected the best selection possible.
We will be offering more details in the very near future. Please keep coming back to this page to see a broader selection of Similan Liveaboard boats!
Please choose only dive and snorkel operators that have blackwater tanks, demand that guests do not touch coral, harass marine life, feed the fish or throw any waste in the water. Any operator that offers tours in October or May is also paying bribes and undermining the authority of the park Rangers. Ask to see the responsible tourism policy of any operator before departing on a trip
Similan Islands Liveaboards
There are only a few Similan Liveaboards operating that offer safety, high standards and also offer environmentally friendly diving! The state of boats in Thailand is pretty disgraceful considering that these islands are sucha precious natural resource. Many boats do not even offer a septic tank – so they literally swim in their own waste!!!!!
Wicked Diving, based in Khao Lak is offering Very high standards of environmentally friendly diving from their Similan Liveaboards. The Oktavia, while consuming huge amounts of fuel, also tries their best to offer good standards to their guests.

Similan Liveaboard Diving Conditions

Conditions for diving are great year-round – with 20-30 meter visibility standard. However – getting there and away is pretty dangerous during monsoons! Monsoons usually occur between May and October.
Generally visibility is 20-30 Meters, water temperatures range from 26-28 degrees and currents are mild, except after the full moon when they are strong at some of the more exposed SCUBA dive sites – like Elephant Head Rock or Koh Tachai.

The Similan Islands have dozens of sites for SCUBA diving . We have divided them into 4 main sections, only for ease of navigation. You can swim 20 meters and be in a whole new eco-system!
A frequent question we get about the damage from the tsunami. There was, in fact, very little damage to most dive sites. The deep section (beyond 30 meters) of Deep 6, Snapper Alley and some of Christmas Point were affected, but only Snapper Alley was “destroyed” and this was mostly due to geology. The diving is still great everywhere else. Due to the Similan Island’s location (50 Km offshore) they were barely affected by the tsunami – above or below water.
To visit the sites listed above it is best to join a snorkeling tour, a diving day trip or an Overnight trip. The more remote sites to the south are much harder to visit during an overnight stay – so a similan diving liveaboard is the best choice. The far sites of Koh Tachai and Richelieu Rock Should be done either by a separate daytrip or liveaboard. They are not included in overnight diving trips to the Similan Islands due their distance.