Activities on the Similan Islands


The Similan Islands are some of the most beautiful and scenic places in Thailand. Voted one of the Ten Best Dive sites in the world, it holds charms for everyone – diver and non-diver alike.


There is plenty to do  while visiting the Similans, many of these things are overlooked by the typical package tour you get in Phuket.


Snorkelling the Similan Islands


This is one of the most common ways to discover the islands. Sometimes on giant snorkeling boats operating daily, to the more intimate nights on the Similans in your own tent or bungalows.  Check out our Similan Snorkelling page



Similan Islands Diving


The other big attraction for the Similans. With many different Liveaboards operating as well as day trips from Khao Lak it is bewildering array of choices. We have a few Similan Dive Centers listed.

Please also check out our Dive site information.




The islands are not large and not really meant for long treks. They are, however, great for exploring and taking your time. There are several small trails on Similan Island #4 and #8. There is also a long trail on Island #8


Similan Islands – Bird Watching


The Similan Islands are home to s really amazing animal life. Not the least of which are some rare and exotic birds. The Nicobar Pigeon is extremely rare. As is the White-tailed Tropicbird. In addition look for our Sea eagles and Kingfishers.


While the birds are amazing, we also have Flying Foxes, Hairy-Legged Crabs, Mangrove Monitor Lizards and many more amazing species of life on the islands.


Take some time out and look around. The Similan Islands are an incredible  source of life.


Similan Islands – Sun Bathing


Who could overlook this! The white, Coral sand beaches make for some extraordinary sun-bathing opportunities. After a day of running around, diving, snorkeling, birdwatching and hiking – Why not just throw down a  towel and enjoy the equatorial sun?


Similan Islands Safety


The Similan Islands do not feature a medical center of doctors – so alwyas stay clear-headed! Wear sun screen, drink lots of water and eat well. In addition, try to avoid touching any of the marine life – some things sting! You should have Travel Insurance that covers you for accidents that occur while snorkelling or diving.