The Similan Islands National Park
Please note: The National Park is closed from May 1st until November 1st of each year. This means there are NO emergency services, phones do not work and it is ILLEGAL to visit. Do not risk your life by going on tours during these months. There are several nefarious dive and snorkel companies that will offer tours during these months - you are risking your life by joining their tours.

The Similan Islands National Park is known for white coral sand beaches, crystal blue waters, warm tropical nights and cooling breezes coming off the Andaman Sea. Nine Unihabited islands with some of the best scenery in Thailand Often listed among the ten best beaches in Asia and the dive sites in the world.

The Islands are very easy to visit. Located only 50 Kilometers from the beach resort town of Khao Lak - and the islands may be visited for one day, overnight or on tours. These are governemnt owned and controlled - there are no resorts or stores on the Similans - only a couple of ranger stations and a few bungalows available for rent. And lots of beaches, reefs and marine life.

The best diving and snorkeling in Thailand is found here, The Similans are also home to a huge variety of marine life and incredible opportunities to see rare and endangered species. From the rare Nicobar Pigeons to the migrating Whale Sharks...even nesting turtles. "Best beaches in Asia?" you will certainly agree after visiting. While the underwater world may attract some people - there are also many varieties of birds and animals inside the national park. And of course - the long beaches!

Honeymoon bay, Similans, Thailand

Please look around the site for all manner of information about the Similans. There is information on Dive Centers,the Best time to visit the Similan Islands and the animal and marine life. If you have any questions - please feel free to send us a note.


"Take only pictures, leave only footprints"

-Sign outside the National Park headquarters

'sunset similan'
Relaxing in the late afternoon sun.